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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Ms. XcessP, Ms. Adorable.
Where do I start, what do I say to express how I feel.
I could use my whole life searching for a word to describe how I feel, but I still wont find any.
I will walk a thousand miles just to see your face, swim across the seven seas just to be with you.
Your beauty outshines the sun that is why I long to be with you.
I hope I always live in your heart.
I hope I will always be right when I call your heart "home".
When you are crying, I am crying. When you are smiling, I am smiling because what you feel is what I feel too.
I want to always be the reason behind that cute smile of yours.
I want to always be the one to say "there goes my baby" when I see you walk by in your elegant poise.
If I came to this world all over again, I will want to be with no one else but you.
As certain as sun light, I will always love you.
As certain as day and night, I will always be there.
This is just one of the numerous times I will pour my heart out to you.
I know you heard this a million times before, but I am here to say it once more I LOVE YOU.