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Thursday, October 27, 2011


These pants got too many compliment's for me not to blog about them. I have not worn any of my native attires in over 2 years. I finally decided to experiment with one of them. I wore the native pants, but not with it's top. I wore the pants with a t-shirt and loafers. These pants got me overdosed on compliments for the day haha, but yes it did. I never thought I would get that much compliment on it. Putting all that good stuff aside, I honestly need to get a haircut ASAP. I would probably get that done today in order to prepare for the weekend ;). Sorry it took me this long to update the blog again but, I have been so busy with school work, and taking these pictures was one way to ease the stress a little bit. Feed thy eyes.

And finally my Obey hat adorned with one of the pin-back buttons my sister made for me. 

Thanks for all the comments and thank's to the new followers as well. Have an amazing weekend you all :)

Friday, October 14, 2011


It finally arrived in the mail!! You may be wondering what it is, but it is the 'button looking things' my sister made for me. I put up a picture of them in one of my previous posts, remember? I did not tell you what I was going to use those 'button looking things' for, but I am letting the cat out of the bag in this post :) Okay they are pin-back buttons made out of Ankara (an African fabric). As you may already know, pin back buttons have a pin clip at the back of them that one uses to attach them to any fabric material. Usually pin-back buttons are used to adorn clothing; ranging from shirts, jackets, waist coats e.t.c. They are usually made out of plastic synthetic material with pictures, captions, or patterns on them, but I have not seen any made out of African fabric like these ones. This is a unique idea which is why I love them :)

I also promised in one of my previous posts that I would start taking outdoor pictures. As you would see in the pictures below I fulfilled my promise. I think this is not a bad try for the first time. It was actually fun doing this. Anyways enjoy!

The last picture simply tells you - "This is the end of my post. PEACE!" Have a good weekend you all :)

Monday, October 10, 2011


You know that feeling when you think you finally have everything you want, and then all of a sudden you see another thing you want and another thing and another thing!. It never fails! Well these are a couple of things that I am craving right now.

I don't know if I would be right if I called this a Navajo print bag, but it sure looks like one. All that matters is that it is nice, unique, and I want it! :D

I want this blazer as well. I just think it's simple and cool.
I love simplicity!

I want this animal print shoe made out of pure cow leather. Whew! I just love this shoe because of the details on it, and I think one would hardly see someone else wearing the exact same shoes.

I want this jacket maybe because the middle part looks like it is made out of jeans material. I know it is not made out of jeans material, but it really does look like it. As my friend said "It is convincing enough"

Finally, the last of all I want FOR NOW is this Blucher shoe made with a tweed pattern. I just like it because it is simple and it seems very comfortable (I may be wrong though) :)

I am so glad my sister mailed the things she made for me to me today. I would probably take pictures of/with them in my next post. Be on the look out :D

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hey, How is everyone doing. I just wanted to share a list of my favorite songs at the moment. I am a music lover and I think I have a good taste of music (at least in my opinion). Okay enough of the talking. They are listed below in no order of preference

1. There will be tears - Frank Ocean

2. Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes ft Adam Levine

3. Lets Get It On - Marvin Gaye

4. American Wedding - Frank Ocean

5. Homecoming - Kanye West ft. Adam Levine

6.  Mirror - Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars

7. Songs For Women - Frank Ocean

8. She Will - Lil Wayne ft. Drake

9.  Beautiful Onyiye - Psquare

10. No Church In The Wild - Kanye West & Jay Z ft. Frank Ocean

11. Rely On - Akon

12. It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

13. Drama - Chykay ft. Mo Gevson

14. Let's Go - Beenie Man

15. Nigga's In Paris - Kanye West & Jay-Z

I know some of these songs are a couple of years or months old, but a good song is never too old :) If you never heard any of these songs, they are worth looking up (Google, YouTube) :D. You should like a few of them, depending on the genre of music you prefer. I would appreciate if you could share with me any song you think is nice. I am more than willing to listen. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011


In my Last Post I said I had something up my sleeves with my sister. Well she just sent me a twitpic on twitter which is a sneak peek of it. I don't think you can tell exactly what I want to use these button looking things made out of African fabric (Ankara) for, but that would be unveiled in my subsequent post. Be on the look out ;) Shout out to my sister though.