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Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's a colorful sweater, it's a colorful season. Merry Christmas!!!

Aaayyyeee I got a new laptop. I tried to get the old one fixed, but I couldn't so I had no choice than to get a new one. I am in the state of Missouri for the Christmas break, and would be heading back to Georgia in a few days. I am looking forward to the new school in January. Lest I forget, a big shout-out goes to my brother from another mother, Derin, for the new blog background. Okay let's get to business, the multicolored sweater I have on in these pictures was thrifted. The mixture of bright colors caught my attention, and then my head started to calculate different outfits I could make out of it, so I got it. I thought it should be included in my post for Christmas because Christmas itself is a colorful season, and that brings out the whole essence. I wore it to the St. Louis galleria the other day, and I must say that is one beautiful place. If you are visiting Missouri, it wouldn't be a bad idea to go spend a few hours of a day there.  And oh yea, I saw the movie 'Sherlock Holmes' the other day with a friend and it was pretty good. Sometimes I go through random Tumblr's to feed my eyes and find my pictures on there #Winning. I am a little tempted to create a Tumblr, but I don't know if I would, because that would be another responsibility. If I do, I would inform you guys. Y'all stay XcessPified and yes that word is in the dictionary. LOL Okay I am done ranting. Merry Christmas!. Enjoy the pictures, be more than free to leave your comments, and to follow the blog.

And you know I had to cuff those pants so I could show off my argyle socks :P

Have a great festive season. Catch you guys soon. X

Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Wearing a bow tie is a statement. Almost an act of defiance."

It's been a good minute since I last made a post. Well first and foremost I damaged my computer, and it seems like it can't be fixed. Don't ask me how I got it damaged because I wouldn't tell. I wouldn't tell because if I did, my few followers might decide to unfollow me because of how stupid I was (and I wouldn't blame you). Secondly, school has been so stressful, and I am really anticipating the end of the semester so I can be free from this stress. I feel kind of handicapped with out my laptop, and  I can't wait to get a new one or hopefully get the old one fixed. I have been managing a friend's old laptop for a while now. It is an IBM laptop so that gives you a good clue of how old, slow and all this laptop is. It has been a saving grace for school work though, and I appreciate it. The other day I had these outfit on, and the major highlight of it is the bow tie (made by my sister) I had on. FYI: You can't wear a bow tie and be unnoticed. Did you ask why? Yea because it is such a complementary accesory that a lot of people unfortunately fortunately do not wear. Enjoy the pictures below, and don't forget to leave your comments. I am off to study for finals coming up next week. Wish me luck :-)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


These pants got too many compliment's for me not to blog about them. I have not worn any of my native attires in over 2 years. I finally decided to experiment with one of them. I wore the native pants, but not with it's top. I wore the pants with a t-shirt and loafers. These pants got me overdosed on compliments for the day haha, but yes it did. I never thought I would get that much compliment on it. Putting all that good stuff aside, I honestly need to get a haircut ASAP. I would probably get that done today in order to prepare for the weekend ;). Sorry it took me this long to update the blog again but, I have been so busy with school work, and taking these pictures was one way to ease the stress a little bit. Feed thy eyes.

And finally my Obey hat adorned with one of the pin-back buttons my sister made for me. 

Thanks for all the comments and thank's to the new followers as well. Have an amazing weekend you all :)

Friday, October 14, 2011


It finally arrived in the mail!! You may be wondering what it is, but it is the 'button looking things' my sister made for me. I put up a picture of them in one of my previous posts, remember? I did not tell you what I was going to use those 'button looking things' for, but I am letting the cat out of the bag in this post :) Okay they are pin-back buttons made out of Ankara (an African fabric). As you may already know, pin back buttons have a pin clip at the back of them that one uses to attach them to any fabric material. Usually pin-back buttons are used to adorn clothing; ranging from shirts, jackets, waist coats e.t.c. They are usually made out of plastic synthetic material with pictures, captions, or patterns on them, but I have not seen any made out of African fabric like these ones. This is a unique idea which is why I love them :)

I also promised in one of my previous posts that I would start taking outdoor pictures. As you would see in the pictures below I fulfilled my promise. I think this is not a bad try for the first time. It was actually fun doing this. Anyways enjoy!

The last picture simply tells you - "This is the end of my post. PEACE!" Have a good weekend you all :)

Monday, October 10, 2011


You know that feeling when you think you finally have everything you want, and then all of a sudden you see another thing you want and another thing and another thing!. It never fails! Well these are a couple of things that I am craving right now.

I don't know if I would be right if I called this a Navajo print bag, but it sure looks like one. All that matters is that it is nice, unique, and I want it! :D

I want this blazer as well. I just think it's simple and cool.
I love simplicity!

I want this animal print shoe made out of pure cow leather. Whew! I just love this shoe because of the details on it, and I think one would hardly see someone else wearing the exact same shoes.

I want this jacket maybe because the middle part looks like it is made out of jeans material. I know it is not made out of jeans material, but it really does look like it. As my friend said "It is convincing enough"

Finally, the last of all I want FOR NOW is this Blucher shoe made with a tweed pattern. I just like it because it is simple and it seems very comfortable (I may be wrong though) :)

I am so glad my sister mailed the things she made for me to me today. I would probably take pictures of/with them in my next post. Be on the look out :D

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hey, How is everyone doing. I just wanted to share a list of my favorite songs at the moment. I am a music lover and I think I have a good taste of music (at least in my opinion). Okay enough of the talking. They are listed below in no order of preference

1. There will be tears - Frank Ocean

2. Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes ft Adam Levine

3. Lets Get It On - Marvin Gaye

4. American Wedding - Frank Ocean

5. Homecoming - Kanye West ft. Adam Levine

6.  Mirror - Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars

7. Songs For Women - Frank Ocean

8. She Will - Lil Wayne ft. Drake

9.  Beautiful Onyiye - Psquare

10. No Church In The Wild - Kanye West & Jay Z ft. Frank Ocean

11. Rely On - Akon

12. It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

13. Drama - Chykay ft. Mo Gevson

14. Let's Go - Beenie Man

15. Nigga's In Paris - Kanye West & Jay-Z

I know some of these songs are a couple of years or months old, but a good song is never too old :) If you never heard any of these songs, they are worth looking up (Google, YouTube) :D. You should like a few of them, depending on the genre of music you prefer. I would appreciate if you could share with me any song you think is nice. I am more than willing to listen. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011


In my Last Post I said I had something up my sleeves with my sister. Well she just sent me a twitpic on twitter which is a sneak peek of it. I don't think you can tell exactly what I want to use these button looking things made out of African fabric (Ankara) for, but that would be unveiled in my subsequent post. Be on the look out ;) Shout out to my sister though.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I put this outfit together with a waist coat I got from my dad,and I thought it looked cool. For some weird reason the outfit makes me look stronger. Just so you know the waist coat is about 30 something years old :D. My dad wore it back in his college days. Would that pass as vintage? Yea I think so :)

Also I know I need to start taking outdoor pictures of myself. It's either I am lazy, I am shy of people looking at me, or both. I would get to that though and make it happen! :)

I have something up my sleeves too with my sister that you all should watch out for in my subsequent posts. I think it is unique and worth looking out for :)

Friday, September 23, 2011


Soon as I realized I didn't necessarily have to dress formal to wear loafers, I wanted one. I do not have a problem with dressing formal, but I hardly do. I thought TOMS were the most comfortable shoes in the universe till I came across these Clark loafers. The interior of the shoe is cushioned and feels so soft and comfortable. The brown color and details on the shoe also do it justice. I just may find another shoe that is more comfortable, but for now this is the most comfortable :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Do not mistake this look for loneliness. I just want to be left alone sometimes.
In a world of pretense, surrounded by pretense. Why run when there is no where to hide

I like silhouette pictures because they let people know that they can recognize me just from my shadow :D

Friday, September 9, 2011


Okay I felt like having fun and being a little creative so I took this picture. Firstly, I would say I do not smoke and that is just a Walmart receipt I rolled up like a cigarette :). Secondly, that is my History text book and it says "AMERICA, a narrative history", but picture it as "AMERICA, a negative history". I just wish it was "AMERICA, a negative history" because I think that would complement the look I have in the picture. I am in love with the picture now, and it is my new twitter picture. :D

The Walmart receipt for a bottle of Fanta that I rolled into a cigarette :)

Monday, September 5, 2011


Ralph Lauren

This interview was aired on TV a few months ago. Well if you missed it, then you have another opportunity to watch it, and if you watched it before, I believe you can watch it once again as I have watched it two times. I am sure we are familiar with the famous clothing brand Polo Ralph Lauren, but most people do not know what the creator looks like, neither do they know his story. Oprah was opportune to interview 71 year old Ralph Lauren on his 17,000 acre ranch (More like a world on its own). He talked to her about how Polo Ralph Lauren started off , how the name (Polo) came about, how he attained success, his family, and so many more. It is so inspiring how the creation of ties can lead into a company worth several billions of dollars today. Click HERE to watch the interview. VERY INSPIRING I MUST SAY!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hey, I came across this video of President Barack Obama shaking hands with another man in a weird and interesting manner. After watching this video, the first thing that came to my mind was ILLUMINATI!!!! lol, but on the other hand I thought to myself that if it was an Illuminati handshake, would he do that in public?? No, I do not think so. The video is below.


I recently started to like accessories. Well I always did, but now I look out for more unique and natural ones. Luckily I have a sister who is good at hand crafting, and I told her to hook me up with a bracelet. She made this African beaded bracelet for me that I cherish so much now. I actually like it because of the detailing on the beads, and the unevenness of the beads (these make it look more natural). Pictures below.

I do not like this picture of myself but I just wanted to stick it in there.

If you are a female, I believe you would like some of her handmade creations (Ear rings, brooches, necklaces, e.t.c) in her online store, so you could take a look if you wish.. Click HERE to view her store. Enjoy