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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vintage Silk Jacket X XcessP

Hello, how is everyone doing? I hope this finds you well, and I hope you all are basking in the love that fills this festive season. For those who care, I am on a 3 weeks break from school, and I am enjoying every bit of it. I just got back from a 1 week vacation to Missouri, and I am very much thankful that I got to spend quality time with family. I have always been fascinated by guitars, so I finally made up my mind to get one. Yes beautiful people, I will be a proud owner of an acoustic guitar very soon. What will I name her? time will tell. Can I play a guitar though? No I cant, but I will learn.

Okay, I am done with updating you all on my life. Lets get to business. With this outfit, I was going for a  casual yet stylish look, so I gave the simple outfit an entire twist with the jacket. The silk scarf print jacket has a vintage/urban feel to it that will give ones outfit a chic and dainty finish. The prints on it are well pronounced and busy enough so I toned it down with a plain white polo shirt and blue jeans in order not to look out of place  in order to make the jacket stand out in the outfit. Another way of me saying "I know you see my jacket and you wish it was yours". Passing a message across with my mouth shut huh? Haha okay, I am done.

I have on a brown hat, and I will let you in on a little secret. Promise you will keep it between you and I. Yes? Okay deal. Here goes my secret: It was a bad hair day, and I was in critical need of a haircut so I used the hat to hide the rough hair. Sshhh..don't tell anyone I told you that. Enjoy the rest of the pictures below

On a final note, I hope you enjoyed the post. It's never too early or too late to make a resolution. Some people wait until the new year before making changes in their life. For what? who even says tomorrow is promised? Make all changes the very moment you realize you need to make a change. If you didn't get any other thing from this post, I hope you got that, and you hold on to it. I sat down and brainstormed on a few things to make this blog better, and by Gods grace this blog will grow extensively in a few months. I pray the new year welcomes us all with blessings, happiness, and success. Happy new year my friends. Stay XcessPified.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Clarks X Supreme (Fall/Winter collection 2012)

I will like to describe this as a grandeur aesthetic union between Clarks and Supreme. Supreme is a brand founded in 1994 by Ryan Woods. Supreme is known for its simple, distinct, and youthful garbs. Clarks on the other hand is a british brand founded in 1825, and it is known for its classy and preppy shoes. Both brands teamed up to give us this beautiful offsprings which were released as part of their fall/winter collection this year. Clarks teamed up with Supreme to add a twist to the venerable Clarks wallabees. The upper part of the shoe is made of nubuck and it is embossed with Crocodile patterns. It is amazing how a little change can make such a daint difference. The collection comes in 4 different color ways, and I am absolutely in love with every one. On a lighter note, if you are fan of Clarks, and reggae dance hall music, this might just be your favorite song ever HERE

What are your opinions on this collaboration? 

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fall wear X Nike X Harris tweed

Its been a very good minute since I last made a post. This is due to different reasons. Well I am back now and that is all that matters right? Yes, I thought so too :). On a slightly chilly/windy 64 degree Celsius day this was an ideal outfit for me. It provided sufficient warmth and style needed. Just so you know, layered outfits have a special place in my heart. Not only because they provide more warmth, but also because one can play a lot more with the pieces one combines together. I am ready for the winter season, are you?

I have on a denim button up shirt on a black t-shirt crowned with a red jacket. An outfit is not complete without accessories so you know I had to have had my rings, necklace, and brooch on.

The collar and tip of the sleeves of the jacket are made out of brown corduroy (The little details make a big difference sometimes). On the other hand, the brooch is made out of ankara African fabric.

The shoes are a product of a collaboration between Harris tweed and Nike. A lot of people may not be familiar with Harris tweed, but Harris tweed is a Scottish brand that specializes in producing well crafted garbs like jackets, bags, and shoes made out of tweed. The shoe is made out of leather and tweed with an embossed Nike tick. Tweed is ideal for a cold weather, and hardly does one ever come across sneakers made out of them, so hey good job Harris.

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I hope this post made a good come back. If so, then mission accomplished. It is only about to get better from here onward so don't let this be your last visit to the blog. Bookmark it or do whatever will make you visit again soon. Your feedback's are highly appreciated so do not hesitate to leave your comments.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

TAFEX 2012

On the sunny afternoon of 27th May, I and my sister along with her friend went to The African Experience Festival. I was hoping to find some African outfits or Jewelries that would excite me, but sadly I didn't. There weren't enough vendors, majority of the things sold at the festival were for women, and also mostly of West African influence. It was quite far from a well rounded event. There were a couple of African snacks sold like puff puff, suya e.t.c. I was able to take a couple of pictures from the event; view below.

This was one of the highlights of the event. Kola Ogunkoya and his band performed Afro beat songs from the  late Nigerian legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. I was lucky for him to have performed one of my favorites 'Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am'

This happened to be my favorite booth at the event. She had her accessories well crafted and they looked beautiful, but as I said earlier, there were nothing for men.

My sister (the one with the hair clip) and her friend

Puff Puff and Suya
This music band called 'Solstar Music' was very impressive. The electric feel to their music was superb. The guy on the violin did a great job, and so did the female dancer. In all, they gave a splendid performance.

The African Experience Festival was a decent outing for me. Definitely could have been better, but it wasn't bad. Summer school is about to start in about a week. Work never ends sigh! I would be travelling tomorrow, so I am off to finish packing. Blessings

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ankara T-shirt x Ankara Tank top

I am well aware of the humidity and heat that come with summer. A good number of people wear less clothes during this season because of the heat. You can dress less while looking stylishly different at the same time. Tank tops and T-shirts are usually rampant during this season. Some people wear plain ones, some wear lined ones, and others were the ones with graffiti designs. I actually have some myself, and the comfort they give in this humid condition that comes with summer is priceless. I thought it would be a good idea to have a tweak to regular tanks & tees so I made the suggestion to my sis. My suggestion was to use Ankara fabrics to spice up tanks and tees with aesthetically driven motifs. Long story short, she was able to bring this to fruition. I am still yet to see this done by any other person. The closest I have seen are Aztec print pockets on tank tops, T-shirts, and dress shirts. Asides from the T-shirts which have Ankara pockets, the tank tops have motifs made in Ankara as well. The motifs range from the map of Africa to the quaver music note, and more to be added as we go on.

I was opportune to be the model for Noah's Crew's summer collection of unisex T-shirts and Tank tops. Here are some pictures from the shoot. I hope you enjoy, and give your feedback's. It is much appreciated

Afrika tank top
Ankara African wax print pocket T-shirt
Ankara African wax print pocket T-shirt
Mutato tank top
Ankara African wax print pocket T-shirt
Ankara African wax print pocket T-shirt
Ankara African wax print pocket crown navy blue tank top
Ankara African wax print pocket T-shirt
Halisi tank top
These are some T-shirts/Tank tops that I am almost positive people would ask you where you got them from out of admiration (and also because they have not seen such before). I learned a while back to get common things in unique designs, it does magic trust me. All of these are up for sale. To purchase, go to the store HERE. Yesterday was a pretty long day. I would be going to The African Experience Festival today, and I am hoping to get hold of good finds, and also have a good time. I would be sure to let you all know how it goes. Stay blessed.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Shoes made in Africa (Oliberte, Sole Rebels, & SAWA)

To my surprise I came across shoes MADE IN AFRICA. I am more than positive this would be a surprise to a good number of you, because I am from Nigeria and I am also surprised. When I say shoes, I mean shoes of good quality and international standard. I tweeted the other day on how amazing it would be if infrastructures were placed in Africa to serve other parts of the world just like they are in China. I was talking about this, because of how much more jobs would be created, and how that would in turn grow the economy. I randomly stumbled on 'Oliberte shoes' on the internet, and saw they were made in Africa, Ethiopia to be precise. I took a look at their collection, and I was beyond impressed. This prompted me to research if by any chance there were other shoes made in Africa. I then came across 'Sole rebels shoes' and 'SAWA shoes'. I looked up these companies as well, and found out they are also based in Ethiopia.

"What is going on in Ethiopia??!!" is what kept ringing in my head. I mean there are 3 shoe company's that I know of in Ethiopia, and there is no single one in Nigeria, then there is a problem. Well that is not the purpose of this post. I am just impressed and excited so I decided to share some pieces from these respective companies, and have you go look up their websites yourself, and who knows you just might fall in love too.

SAWA shoes happened to be my favorite followed by Oliberte shoes, and then Sole Rebels. I wasn't too impressed with Sole Rebels, but there were a couple of decent pieces. I mean we have to start from somewhere so hey it's understandable.

                  These are Oliberte shoes, and they have good collections. I would get one for myself.

I love the navy blue suede finish of the shoe above, and the the shoe below looks really nice and casual. The color strikes me, and it would work perfectly for the spring season. 

I find their signature Ethiopian map sole interesting, and I admire the idea behind that.

Be sure to check out Oliberte collections HERE

I must say Sole Rebels still have some fine tuning to do with their designs, but the shoes are hand crafted so I would give it a pass. These are 2 pieces out of their collections. 

Their flats happen to come out a lot better , and seem to be comfortable. Be sure to check out their site HERE

And here goes my favorite, SAWA shoes. I find them executing the aesthetic aspect very well, and the quality is evidently top notch. I believe if they market their products effectively, they would compete very well with several brands based in the western world. Here are some of their collections

Be sure to check out their site HERE as well

I have something in store for you all this summer, and it would be put out soon. I probably would put up a sneak peek on the blog soon. Be on the look out, and be sure to check back with the blog so you can be the first to see this. You don't want to miss it. Leave your comments so I know what you feel about these shoes. I hope the summer is going well for all. God bless.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The norm is not always what's best. So many things are yet to be discovered, but it only takes a creative mind that is willing to break from the norm.

I have been off the radar, but I am back I guess. My friends from Atlanta came to visit this weekend. We are catching up, having fun, and all. There has been a lot of transformation in my life within the past 3-4 months. I am impressed with how I am doing in the new school. Building a good name for myself,  networking, and also keeping up the grades. I love the spring season, because of all the beautiful colors that come with it. Luckily I am a man who feels comfortable with different colors, even those that are termed feminine so I am having a good time this season.

This outfit in this post is just a laid back outfit, but trying to be stylish as much as I could. In a 75 degrees weather, it gave me perfect comfort. Pocket squares are usually worn on blazers, waist coats, or something of sort, but I could care less. I wore mine on a denim shirt, why? because I can :) Coupled with the red pants, Keyhole Revo lens shades, and brogues I was good to go.

For some reason, I didn't feel like wearing a belt. I don't think it came out bad. Like I said earlier, I was going for a laid back look.

I invested in this Revo lens shades for the spring/summer season. It does a pretty good job at blocking UV rays, and giving a stylish look as well. That's that double barrel action I am talking about right there. The orangish-gold finish gives it this subtle dainty look.

I used the pocket square to add a little spice to the outfit. I just don't want to look like the guy next door. It gives me heartburn. Okay I am exaggerating, it's not that serious.

I have been eating healthy until the past 2 days. I don't know what came over me, but I am about to get back on track and get back to the gym as well. I hope you enjoyed this post. Exams are about to kick off in a few weeks. Wish me luck. Thanks to all the people who have been giving positive feedback's on the blog. Whether in person, on the blog or on other social networks. I appreciate it. Please leave your comments & share the blog if you don't mind. I hope you all were XcessPified by this post. Thanks for reading :) 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

They are only colors; play with them!!!

Hey, I know it's spring and all the flowers are springing forth. Well why don't you spring forth the beauty of colors in your outfit as well? Well I figured you all might be bored with my face, so I decided to make this post without including myself. I think this is the season where women outdo men the most, because women feel more comfortable in bright colors than men do. Are you having the fear of combining wrong colors and looking awkward? Well I would make things easier for you. They are only colors; play with them! Some of you might have heard of it, others might have not, and the rest may not know it could be applied to clothing, but there is something called a COLOR WHEEL. It consists of a couple of colors, and basically colors opposite each other on the wheel, are complementary. Meaning they look great when combined with each other. When combined, they give a vibrant look, and you stand out!

Color Wheel

I am going to go ahead and create 2 outfit collages with the color wheel. For the male outfit, I am using a yellow and blue color scheme. Which as you can see, are opposite on the wheel

For the female outfit, I am using a red and green color scheme, which is also complementary on the color wheel

I just put these outfits together using the color wheel, so WHY CAN'T YOU? For the male outfit, I basically went with a blue floral shirt, yellow mustard slim fit pants and brown accessories. And for the female outfit, I went with red pants, a green top, a black blazer, and complementary accessories. You don't have to go by this, but it's just an example of how you can make effective use of the color wheel. Now you don't have an excuse not to look smashing over the spring season. If you don't remember anything from this post, remember this - They are only colors; play with them!

I planned not to include myself in this post, but I really can't help my vain self. I was interviewed by a fellow blogger, Annie, from Alongtheway-annie.blogspot.com recently. You can view the interview here. You sure would get to know more about me. I hope this post is helpful to you. I am not a stylist, and neither do I aspire to be one. If this makes you mistake me for one, it only means I did something right. Stay XcessPified :)