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Monday, January 21, 2013

Faux Leather X XcessP

Lately, I have been having several thoughts about life changing decisions that I have to make in the near future. You see the older you become, the more responsibility you have on your shoulders. The uncertainty of tomorrows outcome is a driving force for us all whether we are aware of it or not. A lot of us are unconscious of this, but the feeling of suspense envelopes us all everyday of our lives. We are all looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer, we hope tomorrow will be a better day or sometimes maybe just as good as today. The moment the feeling of suspense dies in us, life will have little or no essence anymore. We humans love to be challenged, and it is an icing on the cake when we are almost convinced that we will conquer the challenge. It takes a lot of preparation and hard work. A wise man once said, luck is where preparation meets opportunity. Take a second and let that sink in well. A good understanding of that will make you realize that at all times you have to be prepared for what exactly it is you want to become. Make it a habit to envision yourself as what you want to become, and you will see your thoughts, and then your actions, and then your decisions gear towards that direction. I believe that just about anything is attainable. 9 times out of 10, it isn't easy to attain, but it is possible. Don't involve yourself in unnecessary entertainment. While others are having a swell time, put yourself to work and better yourself. That is what puts you ahead of others. It is paramount that we get closer to God and involve him in our journey. These are words coined from me taking time to reflect and speak to myself. They will get me to where I want to be, and I hope they mean more than mere words to you who is reading this. 

I bought my guitar recently. Just as you might guess after seeing a picture of her, I named her Ebony. She accompanied me in this blog post. For this post, I payed close attention to fit. It is amazing how an outfit can look entirely different if the fit is changed. My theory is, a rag with a great fit, is better than an outfit from an A-list designer with a shabby fit. Fit is key. I can't stress this well enough. This studded jacket is one of my priced possessions. It is made out of faux leather which is usually made from synthetic materials.  It is well lined on the inside, and it has an impeccable fit.

I chose to wear a gold chain on a yellow shirt. It kind of blends in together, and the chain is not well visible, but still comes out decent.

The color of the shirt and pants complement each other, and the black jacket crowns it all. I personally believe that when one cuffs their pants, it gives the look a better fit. There goes my reason for the cuffed pants. 

Meet Ebony

I have some interesting ideas that I hope to bring to life very soon God willing. I want to do something more engaging and non cliche using the platform of this blog to actualize it. Really, no really I just want to give you a reason to be on this blog rather than watch TV or whatever else it is you do for fun. You need to follow this journey. Thanks to the old, and new readers. Leave your comments please. Happy MLK day! 

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  1. That jacket is everything! Love love love!

  2. Me gusta tu estilo! Es muy original!


  3. It's true, fit is everything. Cool jacket, looks good on you.

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  4. Thanks for the motivation!
    Hat suits you well!

    And 'Hello!' to Ebony ;D

  5. amazin jacket!! great styling!!

  6. I love your style!! :) You are amazing ^^ The hat is lovely :)


  7. Really georgeus jacket.



  8. your style is SO great!!! following :)

  9. That jacket is beautiful, love the outfit


  10. wow great look! i like it!
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    Let me know :)


  11. Loving your outfit, specially your studded jacket.
    Thanks for your comment!



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  13. wow! cool jacket and nice blog! maybe you wanna follow each other on gfc and bloglovin (and maybe facebook?) let me know, i always follow back! :) kisses!


  14. Awesome look, my dear.

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    Have a beautiful week,



  15. Awesome jacket! The studded details look great!
    So true when you say a rag with great fit is better than designer stuff with poor fit!!!
    Stop over my blog too dear!

  16. Nice outfit! Great color combo:)