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Saturday, February 25, 2012

“You better get me now while I’m cheap, cause I’m about to blow up”

My school had a Fashion week this past week. I was able to attend only two of the event's, but those were good enough. I went to see a wardrobe stylist, Erica Benoit, speak, and I also went to The Fashion Design Student Association's fashion show. These were both great events. Erica Benoit was once Usher Raymond's wardrobe stylist (Big huh? Yea I thought so too). She has also styled for the VMA's and TV shows. She is a very good speaker, and she shared with us her ordeals, and pleasure from this job. She believes so much in herself and she sells herself just right. In fact she got her job as Usher's stylist by saying "You better get me now while I'm cheap, cause I'm about to blow up." I admire such self confidence, and I can't help but respect her for that. She was spotting on an electric blue sequin sweater on a gold dress, and peach colored shoes along with other accessories. She was quite inspiring I must say.

Erica Benoit speaking.
On the other hand. The Fashion show was great! It is amazing to see what my fellow peers create. I was honestly thrilled, and I give kudos to every designer from that evening. The show was well put together in a nice location (Botanical Gardens somewhere in Athens, GA). The show was called 'Where The Wild Things Are'. It truly was where the wild things were. One had a view of trees, and fierce ladies in breathtaking outfits. Sadly, I was not in a good position to take decent pictures of the models, but I made a quick short video of them, and I got a picture of people thrilled by the models.

And here goes my mini video of the models

Well that is it for this post, but you should be on the look out for my outfit to the Fashion Show. That would come in the next post. You don't want to miss it :)


  1. aw, very cool! lookin forward to your outfit :-)


  2. Oh God, really the quote to remember! Would love to hear that lady speak!

    Peace and love!

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