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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Wear Essentials x XcessP

I am finally back from this blogging hiatus that seemed like it will never come to an end. Honestly, I can say in the past 5 months I have been the busiest I have ever been in my entire life. I am thankful for new opportunities, but we know often than not opportunities come with responsibilities. So in short, that is the synopsis of why the blog hasn't been updated in a minute.

After a much needed meal, these pictures were taken by my good friend, Teni. Myself and Teni had our usual random, witty, and substance filled talk over a good old Waffle House breakfast. It's always refreshing and encouraging to chat with positive minded people who have a similar mindset to yourself. Well let's get to business. I believe comfort is very vital in any outfit. Under the scorching sun and blazing heat that accompany the summer weather, one has to wear less clothes in order to remain comfortable right? For some of you, in the process of trying to wear less, it may pose as a conundrum for you to make statements with your outfit. Well I will let you in on what works for me. 

5 essential tips on how to get your wardrobe right for the summer while maintaining comfort

1. Invest in shirts, tanks, shorts e.t.c that are embellished with interesting prints and bright colors (Preferably made out of cotton or linen to ensure comfort)
2. If you insist on wearing pants, buy those made in linen (could be costly, but ever trendy and classy. Very much comfortble too)
3. Stack up on accessories (bracelets, necklaces, wrist watches, rings, anklets, sun glasses e.t.c)
4. Ensure smart fit while purchasing any of these clothing items
5. Do the previous 4 over again.

Garbs with bold and aesthetic prints go a long way to add an accent to your outfit and leave a statement. Even though one is wearing less, one can make up for it by wearing garbs that are literally blatant pieces of art. I love floral prints, but I am particularly intrigued by tribal prints and think they are the best kind of prints. Well maybe I am a little biased because of my African origin, but really I don't think so. Tribal prints are just so vibrant and edgy. Everyone with a good eye for details can testify to this.

You can't go wrong with a bag. It always finds a way to spice up your outfit, and there is always a type of bag for any look you are going for. You have backpacks, tote bags, messenger bags e.t.c. Several to pick from. This backpack has a fine leather finish with a total of 4 compartments. It happens to accommodate more than it appears to. Pretty decent accessory for a casual look.

I hope you have learned a thing or two, and you are ready to go conquer the summer looking as dapper as you possibly can. Well if so, then mission accomplished on my part.

My birthday is in a week from now. I know so long as one lives, one will get older by the day, but I don't want to be conscious of it. Though it seems like a battle one can never win, but really my reason for this is that I realize the older you become, the more you feel the need to act "your age" which I feel is just a snare. Rather than act like how one truly is or how one truly feels, one feels the need to conform to what society expects of a 25 year old, 40 year old or whatever age one may be. Don't get me wrong, I believe every individual should be responsible at all times and should display maturity where needed, but don't be too hard on yourself because you don't fit into peoples description of what one of your age should act like, look like, be like, whatever like. It's a mere social construct that doesn't need to be adhered to. It is better for one to be hated for what they truly are than to be loved for what they are not. Personally, so long as my actions are within the confines of my religious beliefs, I am fine. All other things are as useless as a used baby diaper. When we leave this planet called earth, we are going to be accountable to no other but God. So why are people's opinions so relevant? I guess we may never know.

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  1. where can I buy these clothes? teroncorbitt@gmail.com

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