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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Its a new year.
Last year went by so fast
Thank you God for your protection all last through last year
Thank you God for another 365 days
I see them making new year resolutions as usual, i made a million and one resolutions last year, but did i stick to any?
Am i just going to let this year pass without making a mark?
Am i going to let the devil have the last laugh?
Am i going to be a positive influence to the people around me?
Am i going to give God a reason to say 'thats my son'?
Will i let friends and family know how much i appreciate them?
Will i be the reason at least one person will see an essence to life?
These are questions i ask myself
Now i realize my life is in my hands, i better make the best out of it
If i do NOTHING, this life of mine will REMAIN STATIC
If i do SOMETHING, this life of mine COULD BECOME BETTER
This is a new beginning
Am not changing, I am only improving and replacing the BAD with the GOOD.

I wont end this without saying a very big thank you to God for giving me an opportunity to refer to yesterday as last year, and to all of you for taking your time once again to read my blog. Much appreciated. I wish y'all good-luck with the year. Happy new year and stay blessed.

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